Better Life with MgO

Timetable for the Project’s main implementation actions


Action B1: Flow Sheet and Implementation of the demonstrative installation.

The action involves the design and construction of the demonstrative flue gas desulfurization unit in Rotary Kiln No.3 (RK3) at the Yerakini Mine facilities.

Action B2: Validation and determination of operating conditions.

It concerns the performance of industrial tests with the intent to establish the optimum process operation parameters and demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of the new technology.

Action B3: Characterization and valorization of the generated waste.

The aim is to determine the exact properties of the by-product, link them to the process conditions mentioned in Action B.2 and prove that is suitable for agricultural and construction applications. Replicability and transferability strategy of results will be carried out within this Action.

Action C1: Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

Monitoring through the use of suitable indicators in order to evaluate the level of improvement on the identified environmental problem.

Action C2: Monitoring of the socioeconomic impact

Monitoring through the use of suitable indicators in order to evaluate the socio-economic impact of the project.

Action D1: Public awareness and dissemination of results

The action has to do with the dissemination of the project’s activities to the general public and to interested parties. Tasks include the development of a communication plan, a website, noticeboards, a layman's report and networking with other projects.

Action E1: Overall Project management.

Involves the overall management of the project through technical and steering committees.

Project Information

Project title:
New desulfurization technology for SOx reduction with positive net environmental impact based on MgO reagents
Project code:
LIFE15 ENV/GR/000338
Project Acronym:
Project Duration:
1/7/2016 – 31/12/2019
Total project budget:
2,333,817 €
Total eligible project budget:
1,882,818 €
EU/LIFE financial contribution:
1,129,690 €

Grecian Magnesite is the coordinating (and sole) beneficiary.
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