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1st Progress Meeting

M12-STEERING COMMITTEE / 2nd Meeting- 1st Progress Meeting



Discussion Topics

All agenda topics were discussed. Emphasis was given to the pilot plant implementation schedule and the close monitoring of the Gantt chart presented by Mr. Vayionas.  In the following, a brief account of each major topic is given. 


  • Project Reporting Rescheduling

EASME accepted the rescheduling of the reporting timetable as follows:

  • Mid-term Report: 31/10/2017. Reference period 1/7/16 - 30/9/2017.
  • Progress Report: 31/3/2019.
  • Final report: 31/3/2020. End of Project 31/12/2019.


  • Equipment Supply Procedure Ammendement

During the first NEEMO monitor visit at 3/2/2017,  we officialy requested that we should adopt an open tender for the procurement of the pilot plant equipment. We suggested a process to EASME which was accepted by e-mail on  2/3/2017. The open tender was performed succesfully and the procurement awared to Scheuch with a contract signed on  9/6/2017.




  • Implementation of the Pilot Plant Installation

The start of the implementation has been significantly delayed due to the procedure change above. Lack of experience and guidance (relevant documents) were the main obstacles for the fast execution of the opent tender procedure.

Despite this delay, preparatory work has been intensified by all the departments involved (mechanical, electrical, construction, etc.) so that the implementation work can be started immediately as soon as the required detailed designs and equipment are available from the supplier. Mr. Vayionas presented a detailed implementation schedule based on which the installation will be ready in January 2018. Therefore, we will have little deviation from the milestone milestone “B.1.1.2: Construction and Implementation of the Demonstration Installation (Month 18)”.


  • Mid-term Report.

The reasons for the expedition of the MtR were analyzed, with the main reason being  the request for additional pre-financing. The request had been agreed by everyone and therefore everyone should contribute to submitting an acceptable Mid-term report in accordance with the EASME specification reported in their acceptance e-mail:

 ‘’ As I was informed you wish to apply for the 2nd pre-financing payment earlier than 31 March, 2018 as foreseen by the Grant Agreement. I can agree to this but I remind you that the payment of a 2nd pre-financing is subject to having submitted an acceptable mid-term report (MtR), proving substantial progress of the project implementation, and having used at least 100% of the previous pre-financing instalment paid.

To prove a consistent progress of the project implementation, as a minimum requirement we expect that the tender procedure(s) to select suppliers needed to build the pilot plant has been completed, the supplying companies have been selected and contracted, the purchase of part of relevant equipment, materials and services have been completed.’’

This means that we need to pressure the supplier to implement the contract accurately and on schedule and implement the partial delivery of equipment within September. The construction work for the installation must be intensified to meet the deadline of January 2017.


  • Other topics
  • Disbursements required within the MtR refence period to present a Balanced Budget.
  • The procurement process of the peripheral equipment (air compressor, flue gas analyzers, etc.) must commence immediately.
  • All the deliverables related to the '1st progress report' are either removed or submitted with the MtR – we expect confirmation from the NEEMO monitor.
  • All other deliverables have been completed on schedule.
  • Immediately start MtR preparations to make sure sumbission is on time.
  • Several dissemination actions have been performed during this period such as participation and presentation of the project in a) two environemental conferences (national and international), b) three workshops organized by Greek Task Force, c) contact with stakeholders: EIPPCB, MAGNA, RUBIAN.
  • Despite the delay in the procurement of equipment, the company (management and involved executives) are committed to implementing the project within the initial schedule with very small deviations.