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Mid-Term Meeting

Discussion Topics

All topics of the agenda were discussed. Emphasis was given to the preparation and submission of the Mid-Term Report, the progress of construction works of Action B.1, scheduling and deviation from the original planning. Topics discusses are analyzed below:


Submission of the Mid-term Report

Dr. Th. Zampetakis analyzed all requirements according to the GA (ARTICLE II. 23 “Technical and financial reporting-request for payment and support documents”) and the templates for the Mid-term Technical Report and Financial Statement. Draft versions of Technical και Financial Reports and defined responsible people for concluding all actions.


Action B1

  • All work according to the revised schedule (13/07/2017) has been executed to a satisfactory degree
  • There were some unpredicted problems with the foundation that led to budget excess
  • The main body of the installation related to the Sox absorption – GCT and Reactor pipe along with the corresponding support and access works will have a cost significantly higher than the budget but it is expected that the total prototype cost will not exceed the budget.

The Technical Manager (Pavlos Yayionas) presented the construction progress in detail in order to make a comprehensible description for the Mid-term Report and the updated schedule according to which the installation completion is now expected by the end of January 2018. In particular, the topics presented concerned a) structural load analysis of the installation, b) supporting construction works, c) reviewing of compressed air equipment, d) reviewing of electrical and automation equipment and works, e) ironworks, f) main equipment, g) peripheral equipment, h) insulation, i) crane requirements, j) spatial planning, k) existing plant production restrictions.


Action B3.

H. Yiannoulakis gave an overview of the preparatory work conducted for this action (i.e. collection and characterization of current waste residues -i.e. current filter dust- to serve as reference and help determination of indicators). Results include detailed physicochemical and mineralogical analysis of current filter dusts of Kiln No.3 through a comprehensive sampling scheme as well as some initial testing on the granulation and upgrade procedures. Moreover, the envisaged work planned for this action was discussed (sampling, tests, specification to be met, possible upgrades).


Action C.

H. Yiannoulakis gave an overview of the associated deliverables conducted so far under this action related to monitoring and presented the current values of all indicators. Emphasis was given on the exact requirements for specific indicators and the data that must be available from the plant operation.


Action D.

H. Yiannoulakis gave a brief overview of all dissemination and communication actions for the Mid-term period. Emphasis was given on the planning of the First Workshop (Breakfast for Clean Air) to be held on 19.10.17.


Other topics

  • Disbursement planning
  • Redemption of invoices
  • Deliverables




Person Responsible



Following and updating construction works Gannt Chart




Scheduling of Electrological Works




Specifications, offers and orders of electrical equipment




Receipt and installation of moniroting equipment




Breakfast for Air Quality Workshop




Financial report for MtR




Technical Report for MtR