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The “Breakfast for the Air Quality” Workshop

The “Breakfast for the Air Quality” Workshop for the presentation of the LIFEPOSITIVEMgOFGD project to the local community, took place on Thursday, October 19th at the Chamber of Halkidiki, in the city of Polygyros.

This project, with a total budget of € 2,33 mil, co-funded by the LIFE Program of the European Commision, concerns the construction of a flue gas desulfurization pilot plant using caustic-calcined magnesia produced to a large extent from mining by-products. The main benefits for the local community is the reduction of air pollution due to the operation of a sustainable pilot plant which will consume less water and energy in comparison with other desulfurization methods and produce useful by-products.

The main mission of LIFEPOSITIVEMgOFGD is for the technique to be applied in the Yerakini Mine, to become reference for other industries.

The participation of the public was satisfactory, although the company’s management and employees expected it to be higher, mainly because the project concerns the environment.

A representative from the Greek LIFE Task Force also participated with a detailed presentation of the LIFE Program.

The participants had the opportunity to be informed in detail about the company’s environmental policies and practices throughout the mining operations, i.e. from mining to the final processing of products. 

It is no coincidence that timeless values, cultures and corporate principles that focus on respect for the environment, respect for man, and universal compliance with Greek legislation and institutions have made the company one of the world's leading magnesia producers.

More information on the mining activities of our company can be found at

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