Better Life with MgO


Ladies and gentlemen,

We are pleased to invite you to the event organized by our company in the VERGINA Hall of CERTH ( on Tuesday 17/12 at 09:45

Where we will have the opportunity to present to you the results of the '' LIFEPOSITIVEMgOFGD '' project. A pilot plant visit at the Yerakini mine will follow for those interested (20 people, priority participation).

The project, co-financed by the European Union, concerns dry desulphurization using magnesium oxide (Magnesia) as a reagent in the FGD pilot plant of the project. Magnesia is an environmentally friendly reagent and in addition the plant by-product (Magnesia mixture with magnesia sulphites and sulfates) can be used in fertilizers and magnesium cements in various applications (Magnesia boards and sorel cements). The Greek LIFE Task Force will also present the European Union's financial instrument for the environment and climate change - LIFE.

The presentation and results of the project are addressed to business executives operating IPPC installations with desulphurization requirements, to fertilizer and magnesia cement producers interested in using the by-product as a cheap source of magnesium oxide, as well as to relevant bodies and organizations. The scientific community will get an overview of the possibilities and limiting parameters that require improvement for the use of Magnesia as a desulphurizer.

Attached you can find the invitation.

It will be our pleasure to see you all at the event.

Please let us know about your attendance at the FGD pilot event and demonstration by 10/12/2019.

Contact number: 2396022761