Better Life with MgO

Deliverable C.2.1 - Initial socio-economic analysis and strategy to increase socio-economic impact

Completion Date: 21.12.16

The aim of action C.2 is the evaluation of the socio-economic impact of the project through the estimation of costs and economic and social benefits, from the point of view of the population and local economy. An initial socio-economic analysis was performed and the targeted state-of-play of several key impact indicators at the end of the project was revised. These include:

  • Implication of NGOs
  • Full-time equivalents (FTE)
  • Running cost/operating costs
  • Capital cost expected in case of replication/transfer/continuation after the project
  • Savings/revenue expected in case of replication/transfer/continuation after the project
  • Payback time
  • Continuation/Replication/Transfer Scope
  • Entry into new entities/projects, sectors and geographical areas

The adopted strategy to maximize socio-economic impact follows the philosophy and targets of EU’s LIFE Programme. Therefore, it is based on a plan consisting of the following five actions:

  1. Adopt strong managerial practices
  2. Maximize environmental benefits
  3. Disseminate the results
  4. Affect Policy
  5. Replicate and transfer the technology

It is expected that the biggest impacts will be:

a) on a local scale due to the reduction in SOx emissions in the area and

b) on the policy level via the inclusion of the technology in the CLM BREF.