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Deliverable D.1.1 - Communication Plan

Completion Date: 21.12.16

The main purpose of the relevant action is to effectively disseminate and communicate the project to all relevant stakeholders and target audience. The development of the strategy to accomplish this is based on the main objectives of the project implementation, but also on the requirements set Grant Agreement. The development of the plan conducted by the project team aims at raising awareness and informing stakeholders and target audience and maximizing the impact of the project.

The plan was developed taking into account the different recipients of the dissemination and communication activities by identifying the target groups:

  • General public of the local community (students, families)
  • Collective bodies (e.g. associations, federations, organizations) and Media of local level
  • Companies and industries on the limestone mining
  • Local and regional authorities and national bodies (e.g. Ministry of environment, Central Macedonia Region, Chalkidiki's Regional unit, Polygyros municipality)
  • Scientific community (universities, research centers)
  • Policy and decision makers at EU, national, regional and local level (e.g. EC, central government, , EIPPCB)

The strategic plan includes an overview of all dissemination opportunities identified through communication tools such as event attendance (e.g. conferences, workshops, etc.), project publications (e.g. notice boards, brochures, news releases as well as conference papers, articles in professional journals etc.) and project presentations (e.g. to local stakeholders, etc.) complemented also by online activities based around the project website, and through the main social platforms (e.g. Linkedin, Facebook, etc.). The communication and dissemination activities have been designed and are addressed to target the key audiences and stakeholders and to maximize awareness of the objectives, means and results.

Different means for communicating and disseminating the project are foreseen that include traditional methods, such as printed and electronic promotional material, news releases, website, scientific journals and more innovative and interactive approaches such as demonstration films, communication platforms, which will be supplemented by events directly related to the project (e.g. workshops, site visits) and events of wider scope (participation to conferences, etc.).

Follow the conferences and events in the News&Events Section

So far, dissemination material includes:

Noticeboard, Banner, Flyer

The Deliverabe can be found here: Deliverable D.1.1.1

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