Better Life with MgO


The main objective is to demonstrate that a new dry desulfurization technology utilizing magnesium oxide (MgO) as a sulfur oxide (SOx) pollutant sorbent is a Positive Net Environmental Impact Solution for magnesia industries, especially in those areas where limited water availability renders wet technologies inapplicable.

The project ventures a) to prove that the SO2 emission limit value (ELV) of 1.500 mg/Nm3 with an overall SO2 reduction efficiency of at least 60% can be accomplished with a dry technology based on MgO and b) to update the Cement Lime and Magnesia Best Reference Document (CLM BREF) accordingly.

Other objectives include:

  • To utilize and/or upgrade at least 90% of the generated waste (a dry powder consisting of magnesium oxide, magnesium sulfite and magnesium sulfate, i.e. MgO/MgSO3/MgSO4) to be used in fertilizer and construction applications
  • To demonstrate that a reduced energy consumption by at least 40% is possible compared with wet desulfurization technologies
  • To demonstrate that a reduced water consumption by at least 80% is possible compared with wet desulfurization technologies
  • To replicate the results to Magnesia sector and transfer them to other relevant European energy intensive combustion industries

Project Information

Project title:
New desulfurization technology for SOx reduction with positive net environmental impact based on MgO reagents
Project code:
LIFE15 ENV/GR/000338
Project Acronym:
Project Duration:
1/7/2016 – 31/12/2019
Total project budget:
2,333,817 €
Total eligible project budget:
1,882,818 €
EU/LIFE financial contribution:
1,129,690 €

Grecian Magnesite is the coordinating (and sole) beneficiary.
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